This is the original game jam version- come follow us on Twitter for updates on the full game! @PocketGuava

Assume the role of a ghastly lich as you attempt to guide your newly-raised skeletons away from certain doom. Control the very walls as you place tile after tile, steering each skeleton towards the goal.

SPACE — start the level or restart if the skeleton gets stuck

LEFT CLICK — select / place blocks during a level. On the level select screen, select a level / dismiss the pop-up window upon level completion

RIGHT CLICK — erase placed tiles

ESC — quit the level. alternative to using enter to restart

BACKSPACE — reset placed tiles

A notice to those who wish to explore the mausoleum in its entirety: level 7 features a most tricky movement on the action bar. Listen closely, as this "jump" is obscured by the edge of the view, making it rather... troublesome.

Below your ghastly window into the crypt lies the action bar. There a skeleton's movements are made clear. Yes... use this insider knowledge to plan ahead; to maneuver each wayward bag of bones to safety.

On the right of your accursed view is the tile graveyard.  There lies your available tiles for the level, each one appearing and disappearing with the click of your grisly finger. Skulls then, are rewarded for your performance. A lich who has mastered the mausoleum will receive 3 skulls upon completion, for using  as few tiles as possible to guide the skeleton to safety. Those who are less... skilled... will find their skull count lacking.

Gameplay and programming: Josh Mendelsohn and Ryan Stillings

Gameplay, art, BFXR audio, and game page: Connor Allen-Kilpatrick 

UX and art: Elizabeth Yuan

Made for GMTK Game Jam 2020

Install instructions

Inside the folder is the executable Predestination.exe. That is Mausoleum Maker. Run it to play!


Mausoleum 19 MB
Download 21 MB


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Really have to think for three skulls. Great job!






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